Skin Care


The latest equipment that works to tighten the skin face, neck and area around the eye
Intensive ultrasound waves work up to three different layers of skin to stimulate new collagen production and stimulate collagen to restore its effectiveness
Without surgical intervention
A special alternative to strings and tensile operations
Excellent treatment of wrinkles around the eye
Double chin lift
Rejuvenates skin and youth naturally without any side effects
The session duration is 45 minutes and the result is 15% during the session and 85% within 3 months

Peeling Mask

The mask works on the treatment of pigmentation, lightening and uniformity of skin color, Treatment of acne scars and Treatment of melasma
You can get lighter skin in one session that does not take more than 15 minutes and results show within a week

PRP session for skin

One of the safest ways to get fresh and healthy skin through previously drawn and processed plasma injection
It stimulates the production of collagen, improve the skin texture and treat pale skin to become shinny
Used in cases of paleness of skin, treatment of acne scars, dark circles and give the lips pinkish look

PRP session for Hair

By injecting the scalp with previously processed plasma rich in growth factors that stimulate hair growth, renewal of hair follicles, increase its density
Treatment of hair fall and giving it the vitality and luster look


Mesotherapy to treat local obesity and treatment of skin sagging in the abdomen and buttocks

Mesotherapy for skin

Eliminates wrinkles and signs of aging.
Removal of skin pigmentation and melasma.
Treatment of the effects of acne scars, rejuvenation of the skin and its vitality & youth
Treatment and improvement of facial pores

Mesotherapy for hair

Hair follicles are injected with the necessary vitamins that hair needed to grow and stop falling, and give it vitality and luster
Boost the strength of the follicles and activates blood circulation in the scalp

Mesotherapy for lips

By injecting the lips with vitamins, giving the pinkish color with natural look


The hydrafacial technique is based on deep cleansing and moisturizing of the skin, which rejuvenates skin and improves skin appearance
This technique is used to clean subcutaneous fat, treat acne scars, stimulate collagen and improve fine lines with RadioFreqency technology
In addition to the LED mask which gives a clear appearance of the skin and a radiance look


Is a non-surgical face procedure and is the best solution to get rid of wrinkles and signs of aging
Botox injection is using in many cosmetic purposes, it works on a temporary relaxation of the facial muscles that cause wrinkles such as:
• Wrinkles between the eyebrows
• Front wrinkles “above the eyebrows”
• Wrinkles around the eye
It is also used as an effective treatment to solve the problem of increased sweating


Filler is used by a specialist dermatologist with the best and most efficient types of Filler
It used in treatment of wrinkles, tightening of the skin, rejuvenation of the skin and lips and shows the bone of the cheeks


Is one of the methods of micro-needling technology, which is based on the stimulation of collagen and cell repair, which leads to the appearance of a new layer of skin more youthful and brilliant by acupuncture using fine needles





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Copyright by Premier Care 2019. All rights reserved, Designed & Developed by 23PRIME

Copyright by Premier Care 2019. All rights reserved, Designed & Developed by 23PRIME